Myths about Virginity

Couples can Tell if Their Partners have had Sex Before

This is a common belief among many men. For instance, some people say that they can tell if petite escorts have had multiple sexual encounters after dating them once. This is not true because you can only tell if your partner is a virgin if they tell you or you have sex with them.

All Forms of Penetrations Translate into Sex

Although penetrative sex habits can lead to loss of virginity, there are forms of insertions that do not count. For example, a woman can’t lose her virginity as a result of inserting tampons into the vagina.

All Women Bleed when Losing their Virginity

Most women normally bleed when having penetrative sex for the first time. However, not all of them go through the same experience. Inserting the penis into the vagina or anus for the first time can lead to stretching of the muscles and bleeding. Nevertheless, this can be avoided by using lots of lubricants, more foreplay and communication between sexual partners.

With these revelations, you should avoid old age ideas that taint female sexuality and embrace virginity.

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